“My Japan”

A catalog that contains over seventy photographs, accompanied by the comments of Stefania Viti, journalist and nipponist, and Shuhei Matsuyama, artist and karate master.

"This book wants to be a private journey within a culture that I love, the Japanese one, a personal story that tells about me, my world and my way of seeing and conceiving life, not simply a reportage". Alberto Moro expresses himself with these words. Moro meets Japanese culture as a response to an aesthetic research that, starting from the decadentism - of which he studied and loved the greatest exponents like Lord Brummel, Oscar Wilde or Gabriele D'Annunzio - led him to investigate other aspects related to the search for beauty, which in his personal vision coincides with the search for the meaning of life.

A combination that coincided first with the discovery and practice of Zen Buddhist discipline and then came to that of the chadō, to which Moro devotes an entire section of his photographic book. Within this journey photography becomes the natural means of expression to tell an inner universe, a tension, the world that surrounds it. The privileged subject of Moro's gaze is Japan and its classical and contemporary culture, at the base of which there is no dichotomy but harmony, even among the opposites.

Over 72 pictures, divided by themes - Tokyo, Kyoto and Chadō, the Way of Tea - recount Moro's trips to Japan capturing three very different aspects of Japanese culture. Alberto Moro's goal is transformed into a poetic tale through images and shows the will and ability to capture the moment, be it of people or things, and therefore to stop time.

It can be purchased for 25 euros at Fondazione Matalon (Foro Buonaparte 67, Milano) or by writing to info@giapponeinitalia.org